Do you have banging, noisy pipes?

What causes it?

The problem of a banging or noisy pipes is called water hammer. A common misconception is that there may air trapped within the pipes. The noise that you can hear is actually cause by water quickly changing direction or stopping within the pipes. This can cause damage to pipes, by cracking or completely breaking the pipes or connection.

It can occur on normal taps used in your home or office however it occurs more frequently on pipes connected to dishwashers and washing machines. This is due to the electronically operated (solenoid) valves that are used within these machines. These valves open and close very quickly which is generally what causes the water hammer effect.

Contributing Factors:

Low fluid velocities.

Slowly closing valves. Toilet flush valves are available in a quiet flush type that closes quietly.

High pipeline pressure rating (expensive).

Good pipeline control (start-up and shut-down procedures).

Water towers (used in many drinking water systems) help maintain steady flow rates and trap large pressure fluctuations.

Air vessels work in much the same way as water towers, but are pressurized. They typically have an air cushion above the fluid level in the vessel, which may be regulated or separated by a bladder. Sizes of air vessels may be up to hundreds of cubic meters on large pipelines. They come in many shapes, sizes and configurations.Such vessels often are called accumulators.

Air valves are often used to remediate low pressures at high points in the pipeline. Though effective, sometimes large numbers of air valves need be installed. These valves also allow air into the system, which is often unwanted.

UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is sometimes installed to dampen the initial pressure wave by keeping the system running for some time after a power trip.

Flywheel on pump.

Pumping station bypass

All of these measures can be implemented by a plumber, for a quality plumber click here.

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